About Austin Collective

July 12, 2019

About Austin Collective

When the city of Austin began giving incentives for residents to compost waste, shop owner Heather Manto decided to give it a try. Ready to plant her first garden, she wanted to provide essential nutrients to the soil and learn more about how to create compost. It was then that she realized that there was a need to bring attention to the amount of waste (organic and inorganic) that is created by humans every day. Small items are disposed of with little thought, and Heather admits that she too was ignorant of where these items went and how they affected the environment. She began researching what items could be added to compost and reducing her personal waste. Expanding her knowledge, she researched recycling methods, landfills, waste shipping and made a personal decision to avoid single use consumables and to purchase products that were truly recyclable, reusable, biodegradable or compostable.

Her passion grew to such a degree that she wanted to make some of her favorite items readily available in one place to other people; and that is how Austin Collective was born. Expanding from home and travel products, you can now find natural, vegan and organic skin care products, makeup, shaving products and many more earth friendly items in our web store. 

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