Broken - A Documentary Series Worth Watching

January 03, 2020

Netflix documentary

Cheap Furniture - Bootleg Cosmetics - Plastic Waste - Recycling

Netflix - Broken - The new documentary series investigates how public health and safety issues are impacted by industries including vaping, counterfeit cosmetics, plastics and fast furniture.

landfill waste

I spent my few days of during the holidays trying to get some relaxation time in and spent a fair share of time looking for something to binge watch. I found it with Broken. A lot of the topics that come up in my conversations were addressed and I highly recommend taking some time to absorb the information they are putting out. Of course two particular segments hit home for me; cheap furniture and plastic waste. 

At home I am constantly behind my husband and daughter trying to make sure they are putting the correct items in the compost pile or recycling bin. Often times I find myself going through the trash and picking out items they carelessly tossed in there. My goal is to never have more than one bag of landfill trash per week, and the two of them never make it easy for me, no matter how much I preach. However, after making them watch this series, they both walked away with a new perspective and I am seeing much improvement in their mindfulness.


See the trailer here

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