Eco Friendly Biodegradable Charcoal Floss In Reusable Glass Jar

Activated Charcoal Corn Floss (vegan) - Naturally Biodegradable

Our eco friendly floss is an excellent alternative to conventional plastic floss. It biodegrades easily in nature and cuts down on environmental pollution. We designed our floss to be fine enough to fit between teeth while being textured enough to scrub off plaque. Since our natural floss is designed to biodegrade we do recommend that you cut a slightly longer piece than usual and shift the surface of the floss every few teeth.

Our floss is made of 100% natural components which easily biodegrade in all waste disposal systems. 


*corn floss is coated with active bamboo charcoal to assist with whitening and mint essential oils to provide glide and pleasent fresh taste. 

We then put the spool of floss in a recyclable, reusable glass and metal vial and pack it in a recyclable box.